The Diary
The Dance Diary lists forthcoming Scottish Country Dance events in the area bounded by Birmingham and Coventry to the north; Bristol and Bath to the south; Oxford and Abingdon to the east; Hereford and Ross to the west. 
  I am always pleased to add other events to the Diary provided that they are within the area, and are strictly Scottish country dance events. Please send details to me at 
This is an unofficial service and so I cannot impose any deadline, nor can I guarantee the accuracy of the contents.  Please check with the organisers of any event.

The Annual Dance
Cheltenham Scottish Society’s Annual Dance will be held on
Saturday 25th February 2017,
dancing to the music of
Iain MacPhail and His Scottish Country Dance Band.
Nil satis nisi optimum


 End of Season

Cheltenham Scottish Society's End-of-Season Dance
will be held on Saturday 4th June 2016, dancing to the music of Ian Slater.



List of Popular Dances 
New List of Popular dances for 2014 - 2015. 
This should be of use to programme compilers as it follows that
the more familiar the programme of dances is, the more tickets are sold.
With this in mind I have listed dances in order of last season’s popularity. 


Programme Guidelines
Valuable advice from the Leeds Scottish Country Dance Club on
compiling a programme for a ball or other major event.

Related Contacts
Is the Links page giving the web addresses
of Scottish Dance organisations.

© John Marshall

Compiled by John Marshall, Cheltenham.